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I am the Manager of Interactive Development at Drake Cooper in Boise, Idaho.

I am a visual identity and user experience specialist. Interactive development, graphic design, and brand specification are the tools with which I effectively communicate and guide the consumer and user.

I am a lover of brands, systems, and creative consistency—a moment where right-brain coincides with left-brain; where form and function reconcile. I am passionate about design: logotype, iconography, illustration, photography, and typography; architecture, furniture, and polished machinery beckon tangible inspiration to my soul. I am an artist through and through, yet I am structured, organized, and detail attentive. I am a perfectionist that understands that to be imperfect is to be magnificently human and a requisite for engaging design.

I have worked in the digital field for over 13 years, as a software engineer, an interactive director, and as a front-end developer; I have worked in graphic design for over 16 years. At Boise State University, I studied both Computer Science and Graphic Design. Working at agencies, with many clients, has given me a strong knowledge of marketing, advertising, and branding, as well as a value for data-driven decisions. I enjoy being efficient by writing encapsulated, reusable, semantic and accessible code.

Above all, I want to contribute my unique talents to a passionate team that is creating amazing things.

Strengths Finder: Strategic, Futuristic, Relator, Activator, Maximizer
Myers Briggs: INTJ
DiSC: C natural, D under pressure